Corporate/Individual Account: Let’s assume the CEO of a company, employees and family members travel overseas regularly, either to conduct business or vacationing. Everyone and each trip has to be accounted and reimbursed: accounting, petty cash and overhead costs. Simply the way you travel. TDP Passports is here to be your reliable partner that will handle all your travel visa and passport need and expenses. Our Corporate Account system is designed to reduce overhead costs; by eliminating the need to reimburse individual employees every time they travel abroad. It is designed to provide more convenience and flexibility without you going through the hassles of application procedures and securing a passport and visa for your trip.  

An Individual Account :is also designed for small businesses owners, self-employed, individuals, religious groups, sporting events; World Cup and Olympics. For instance, Wichita State University and Kansas State University’s basketball players, coaches and staff traveled to Brazil, in 2011 and 2012, respectively for tournaments. Our system is designed to keep track of all your travel expenses. A secured data-base is set up for your account; in this system, we retain all your passport information and update it every time you plan a time. We prepare the application and have sent to you via email for your review and signature. Since passport and visa applications require original signatures, we’ll pick up the document. Our mobile digital passport camera tags along to take pictures, without you leaving your office. We also delivery the passport to your office when it is issued. We take care of all you travel expenses, and send you an itemized monthly invoice; by dates at no extra cost.

Other Benefits:

Group Rates: 10% discount every time four (4) or more people travel together as a group to same destinations;   each trip gets two (2) additional discount points and points get you two photos discounted FREE.

NOTE: All passport and visa applications go through rigorous background scrutiny, and our staff does not participate in the decision making processes, pertaining to who gets a passport, or otherwise. TDP Passports is independently owned and operated under the banner of our parent company Talking Drum Productions. We are one of the several registered courier companies in the service industries, certified and approved by the City of Houston to deliver and pick up passport and visa applications in Houston.

Also, a passport or visa application may be delayed for various reasons and causes: electrical and computers failures, public holidays and bad weather (employees can’t get to work) or Public Holidays. Other common problems are poor picture quality, incomplete applications, and insufficient fees (vice versa). For the better part, these minor problems are usually corrected within a few hours. Moreover, when the passport and/or visa application cleanly passes, we follow through and have it delivered to you most often than not in as quickly as 24, at no extra costs.

All we ask to gain is your “TRUST” in the partnerships.

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TDP Passports is a passport expediting service company licensed y the US Passport Agency.